Workshop about grassroots democracy in Hoa Binh
Ngày cập nhật: 24/02/2015

To objectively assess the situation of Ordinance implementation of democracy in communes, wards and towns in recent years and propose the solutions improving the legal system, building organizational capacity and the law enforcement of local authorities. The Science Institute of Legal - Ministry of Justice collaborated with the Department of Justice - Hoa Binh province to conduct a survey of staffs and people in some communes, wards and towns and organize a provincial workshop of “The situation of the Ordinance on exercise of democracy in communes, wards and towns implement in Hoa Binh province”.

The survey team of the Science Institute of Legal, which was led by Mr. Nguyen Van Hien - Deputy Director, conducted surveys and opinions of the people in some units: Xuan Phong commune and Cao Phong town (Cao Phong district), Phuong Lam ward, Thai Binh ward (Hoa Binh city) on “The situation of the Ordinance on exercise of democracy in communes, wards and townships implementation”. After the survey at grassroots, the delegation of the Science Institute of Legal and Department of Justice coordinated hosting the workshop in this content. The participations included the representations of the following agencies: Provincial Public Relation Committee; Provincial Fatherland Front Committee, Provincial Inspection, the Department of Home Affairs, Department of Justice, Department of Planning and Investment, People's Committee  of Cao Phong district and People's Committee of Hoa Binh city.

In speech at the conference, Mr. Quach Dinh Minh - Provincial Party Commissioner - Director of Department of Justice – Hoa Binh Province confirmed: “implementing the leadership and guidance of the Provincial Party Committee, People's Committee, the Judiciary of Hoa Binh Province have actively coordinated with all levels and departments, provincial unions  to promote national regulations, the exercise of democracy at the grassroots to the officials and people; evaluate draft conventions neighbors, population groups before being approved by district chairman, professional training for grassroots reconciliation teams....

Besides, the Judiciary also perform fully the regulations on exercise of democracy in all departments by specific activities such as, Publicity and transparency procedures, processes of solving administrative records; maintain the operation of the People's Inspection Board and annual organization the officials, officers, employees conference to contribute together with other sectors in the province launching laws on the exercise of democracy in real life, ensuring the ownership of the people under the motto: “people know, people discuss, people do and people supervise”.

The opinions in the workshop focused on determining various results contributed in local regions, units on the process of implement ordinance on the exercise of democracy in communes, wards and towns. In which, the most important thing is that the relationship between communities and the government is strengthened through the exercise of democracy on grassroots, moreover, improving truthfulness of civilians to different levels of Party committee and the government, which promote the development of society – economic, ensure political and social stability. Some other opinions believe that there are many disadvantages from the contents of this ordinance, for example, problems in constructing village conventions; the role and effectiveness of people's inspection boards, community supervisory boards; the organization of the confidence vote for the communal key positions. Furthermore, proposing solutions to improve the efficiency of the dissemination and implementation of the Ordinance on democracy, to avoid wasting.

On behalf of the Science Institute of legal survey team, Mr. Nguyen Van Hien received the suggestions and proposals of the delegates from the base, thus continuing to study and propose to the competent authorities of the solutions to complete the laws, improve organizational capacity, enforcement capacity of local government in the next period.

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